Led by sophomore president Madison Nagle and sophomore vice president Christopher Caplan, the Always Wear Your Seatbelt club arrives on campus.

The club allows students to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a seatbelt while in a vehicle. The club is involved with the Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation that was introduced last year due to the events involving Laura Grant and Edward Culberhouse.

“I wanted to make a difference in the community and to create awareness in wearing seatbelts,” Nagle said.

Working with the foundation, the club hopes to advocate their cause by holding events, such as the events held in March at Tijuana Flats and in May at Orlando Water Complex to raise awareness. The foundation raised money by selling merchandise and charging admission for carnival style games, they also took the profits earned at Tijuana Flats and Chilly Spoon and gave them to accident victims Elizabeth Harrison and Alisa Pelot.

“[My hope for the club is] that it can continue past the point to where people who didn’t know Laura and Eddie know who they are and what the club stands for,” Nagle said.

The club will also be selling merchandise including bumper stickers, water bottles and tee shirts at future events.  Meetings and events will be announced via Facebook on the Always Wear Your Seatbelt Club- BHS group.

“[We want] to have people wear their seatbelts because a lot of people don’t. [We] emphasize the importance of it,” Caplan said


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