With money in hand, the eager student deposits his well earned savings at the credit union. With help of students in the Boone Branch, the credit union will protect his money.

The credit union gives students the opportunity to take out loans, receive a debit card and purchase discounted movie tickets and gift cards.

This program offers the same services that credit unions provide, but without any profit. Three students in the Academy of Finance program work in the federal credit union every period.

“[Becoming a member of the credit union] is a great way for students to learn more about how to manage finances and it’s an opportunity for students to become more independent by being in control of their money as they learn how to be more responsible,” sophomore Gretchen Gutierrez said.

Lynn Dang and Maria Clevenger helped the students when the credit union opened in the beginning of August. The professionals taught the students how to run a proper CFE.

All finance students trained last summer for a week at the Lake Mary Branch. There they were taught how to use the software, and branch activities.

Anyone is eligible to become a member of the credit union as long as one lives in the Orange County.

“We have already opened over 200 accounts, which is incredible for our first year. I have definitely seen progress with other student tellers. They are getting into the routine of things and doing a great job serving our members,” senior Brandi Recker, branch manager, said.

While the credit union has already opened over 200 accounts, it is still encouraging more students to become members of the CFE.
“[People should sign up for the credit union] so they can keep their money in a safe place while learning how to manage money for the future,” sophomore Taylor Shenuski said.

The Boone Branch is located on the right-hand side of the 100 building, and is open from 7 a.m-2 p.m.
“[The credit union is a great way] for students to learn how to manage money; it’s a stepping stone to their own independence,” Gutierrez said.

Students working in the program gain experience in the banking and finance field. They develop leadership, responsibility and people skills that will help them later on in their life and or with future jobs relating to finance.

“I think the credit union will always be expanding and I don’t think that we will be going away anytime soon.” sophomore Kevin Schoeppler said.

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