Perfect for a romantic date, minus the fancy flare, White Wolf Cafe is an excellent alternative to the typical fine-dining experience. With the price range between $10 and $30, one receives a quality dining experience, without needing to dress for the occasion.

Upon entering the cafe, the dim lights and antique-covered walls give off a casual, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The staff is friendly, funny and attentive, from welcoming one at the door, to bringing drinks within minutes of ordering them.

When ordering, be sure to ask the waiter about one’s choice of meal, because he provides an honest opinion, often pointing out popular choices and his personal favorites.

Upon the staff’s visit to White Wolf, the food came quickly, especially for a party of six. The wait staff was attentive, but not overly so,  and overall they made a great addition to the experience.

To begin one’s meal, the Hummus Duo, ($8.95), is an excellent choice for one looking for something on the lighter side. Toasted slices of pita bread are accompanied by both a traditional chickpea hummus and a much heartier and flavorful black bean hummus.

From the sandwich and burger side of the menu, the Mediterranean Portobello Mushroom Burger ($11.95)  is an excellent choice for vegetarians. The mushroom is meaty and dressed with feta cheese and  a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Sandwiches come with a choice of side including pasta salad, fresh cut fries, and  potato salad.

The Garden Caesar Salad ($8.95) has fresh cut romaine lettuce, warm shredded parmesan cheese, and is not over dressed. The croutons are fresh-baked and heavily seasoned with garlic, offering a mix of textures as the toasty crunch of the croutons collide with the fresh crisp lettuce.

If one is a bit more carnivorous, the Fried Lobster Sandwich ($8.95) consists of a lightly breaded Maine lobster with spring mixed vegetables, dressed with garlic aioli. The lobster offers a mix of crunchy and juicy textures, creating a satisfying cornucopia of flavor.

Overall, White Wolf Cafe is an excellent choice for those looking to bring a nice date, minus the suit and tie.    Make sure to choose White Wolf for the next outing.

(4 stars)


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