These days, students are faced with the SAT or the ACT, the FCAT, End of Course exams and tests in their every day classes. This is stressful part of school that students cannot escape.

The ACT and SAT are standardized tests designed to assess a student’s readiness for college, which  universities require students to take either to gain entrance to their college. Since these tests are unavoidable for students hoping to go to college many students take SAT/ACT prep courses.

“Mostly it’s self paced, individualized computer based prep. It’s familiarizing themselves with the test and the types of questions on it,” Merrideth Buchanan, a former teacher of SAT/Act courses, said.

While students who are juniors and seniors are stressing about these tests, students in lower grades still have to worry about the FCAT and EOCs. The FCAT is an annual standardized test with both a math and reading section. Sophomores are also required to take a writing portion. These tests are a large factor in whether or not a student moves on to the next grade level. The EOCs focus specifically on what a student is learning and may replace parts of the FCAT. These account for 30 percent of a student’s final grade.

Having so many tests may seem stressful, but there are helpful test tips for students to follow in order to succeed.

“Read all the possible questions and eliminate all that are not correct. Also, read high level, college level material,” Buchanan said.

Other tips include, getting a good night’s sleep, making sure you are prepared and well studied and relaxed. Try not to second guess yourself and always have a sharp pencil ready.

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