Glasses are accessories that seem to make people think that the person wearing them is a bookworm or nerd. That is until Google’s new Project Glass has begun to redefine this stereotype.

Project Glass are technologically advanced glasses that have the capability of capturing a picture, reading and sending messages, recognizing Global Positioning Navigation, reading weather and a variety of other features proposed to be in the glasses. The video Google released on Google Plus shows a day in the life of a man who wears the glasses and its capabilities and practicality in everyday life.

The video shows how the glasses may have a GPS system with updated traffic alerts to let one know which roads are open and which roads have heavy traffic. The glasses are also shown to have voice capability, which allows one to reply to messages and to create reminders in one’s Google Plus account. The glasses are also proposed to feature a camera that is voice activated and captures a picture in the direction the person who is wearing them is facing.

“I think it is a giant leap in our age of technology, the idea of walking around and having the ability to get directions, make a call, get updates on important things through glasses with just eye contact is amazing,” sophomore George Gamez said.

There has been much speculation about the Google prototype; especially about the ability to multitask. Since the 90s, scientists have been working on studies regarding the ability to multitask. Studies from Stanford University shows that humans do not have the ability to multitask; they have to concentrate on one action at a time. This is the problem with Project Glass: one cannot perform two tasks at once which can make wearing the glasses potentially dangerous.

Although just a prototype, the glasses have aroused attention from other technology manufacturers and similar types of technology is in the works. For now people can wait and see how this prototype will work and if it will be released.

See the Project Glass Web site and video


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