Every three seconds, someone dies of hunger; that equals 16,000 people a day.

To make a difference, students can partner with Change This World. CTW is a local nonprofit organization that’s mission is to end world hunger.

A quarter is relatively small on the money scale, but with the help of CTW, a quarter is life changing.

A quarter provides a meal for a person suffering from malnutrition and starvation in Botswana, Haiti, Jamaica, Burundi, Peru, Honduras or Thailand.

“It is very empowering to know it is this simple to make a difference. The world produces enough food to feed every person 2700 calories per day. To some, the fact is frustrating, but to me it is inspiring. Change is possible,” volunteer coordinator Meaghan Crump said.

One meal includes soybeans, white long grained rice, vitamin fortified soy, a dehydrated blend of six vegetables, vitamins and mineral powder.

According to the World Health Organization hunger and malnutrition currently affect one in six people on the planet. Nearly 1 billion people are malnourished.

Since 2009, CTW has packaged 4.6 million meals, the total keeps rising as people continue to donate.

Every penny of the 25 cents is broken down. Eleven cents buys the product, two cents pays for transportation, seven cents goes to international shipping, one cent goes to labor, two cents goes to distribution and two cents go to overhead costs of CTW.

If a student is interested in being involved in a packaging event,  email Crump at

“Through Key Club, I made and sold lollipops and bracelets. It felt good to give my time and effort to CTW because it is a good cause,” senior Joel Simons said.

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