PRIDE.My 1984 Chevy is in brutal body condition, but it is truly a cruise mobile at heart.


Studies show that people’s dogs tend to resemble their physical characteristics, and researchers have proved that the outside of one’s car defines the kind of person he is.

According to the article “Car color may reflect your personality” on, a United Kingdom study found that the color of one’s car describes the driver’s personality. For example, if one drives a black car, he is typically”‘aggressive and consider himself to be an outsider.”

Junior Blake Williams has a red car. According to this study, he is energetic and a fast mover, thinker and talker.

“I kind of agree because I am energetic, but I am not a fast talker,” Williams said.

Other stereotypes also generalize that the cleanliness of a car is dependent upon the gender of the driver. According to, males are 34 percent more likely than females to keep their cars as clean as it was the first day they bought it. This goes hand in hand with the stereotype that says girls are cleaner when it comes to hygiene, but boys are cleaner when it comes to cars.

“I actually think it true. Girls obviously care a lot about their hygiene, probably more than guys. And guys care a lot about having nice cars to show off. Also, girls are more likely to have extra clothes, gum and hair brushes, whereas guys do not really think about stuff like that as much,” senior Katherine Gibson said.

However, this stereotype has not been proven. According to, only 34 percent of 1000 drivers surveyed said they washed the inside and outside of their car every six months, and an additional 13 percent admitted that they fully clean the inside and outside only once a year, this includes both males and females.

Stereotypically, students who are involved in sports are more susceptible to having a messy car due to the amount of sports equipment they have to keep on hand along with water bottles.

“In my trunk, I have four pairs of cleats, a soccer ball, softball, frisbee, blankets’, towels and a first aid kit.  At one point I had eight water bottles on the floor of the passenger seat,” Gibson said.

Another stereotype is that guys are faster than girls. According the article “The best selling cars by gender”  on, the average horsepower of a car on their list of the five most popular vehicles for men is 367 and for women it is 172. This goes to show that males are not only stereotypically faster than girls, but also statistically.

“I would agree with that because guys usually look for cars with speed and power, and girls look more for cuteness and how they look in the car,” senior Marimar Jiminez said.

Students will continue to have opinions on these stereotypes that vary.

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