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One of 16 valedictorians, senior Katherine Gibson exemplifies the active student, both academically and through extra curricular activities. An accomplished athlete as well as musician, she has managed to maintain a 4.81 weighted grade point average, and a perfect 4.0 unweighted.

“Just knowing that if I kept straight A’s that I would be valedictorian was motivation in it’s self. I knew that if I worked hard I could do it, and once I knew it, I could,” Gibson said. “ My mom always said she wanted a valedictorian and I always denied it would happen, but once I realized I could, I did it for her, and myself.”

Apart from playing soccer for three years, two of them spent starting for varsity, Gibson participated in the Finance Magnet program for all four years, eventually being hired to the Central Florida Educator’s Federal Credit Union Boone Branch once it opened.

“Mr. [Bill] Daniel, my finance teacher has been my teacher for four years, and he has taught me many useful things about business and finance, as well as about how to get ahead in life by respecting others and always doing your best,” Gibson said.

Although a valedictorian, Gibson considers herself an avid procrastinator, even putting off assignments until the period before they were due.

“I haven’t really done my homework at home in a couple of months. I generally do my homework at school, during research and electives,” Gibson said. “I also have a bad habit of putting off studying until the night, and then I fall asleep instead of studying.”

Having attended St. James K-8, Gibson said it was interesting coming from a small private school into a larger public school.

“Once I got here I met a bunch of friends and teachers, and even more people through sports and clubs that have influenced me throughout my four years. I’ve made amazing memories and friends that I will keep forever,” Gibson said.

Gibson plans to attend Florida State University, and is undecided about which field she wishes to enter.

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3 thoughts on “Top of Class: Katherine Gibson”
  1. Katie, We are not suprised by your accomplishments but delighted to see you made it to the top. We have watched you grow over the years from a great little kid to an amazing young lady. Enjoy your college years and learn lots. We love you and are so happy to send our congratulations !!!

  2. Katie

    You have in deed impressed us all. We are so happy for your successes. Now that you know how hard it is to work for them, keep on the path as it will bring a life long reward for you future family!

    All the Best

    Joey and Tommy’s kids.

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