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Executive officer maintains perfect GPA


Attending Rollins College in the fall, senior Armando Santin Herrera possesses professional aspirations to become a lawyer and naval officer. With a clear career path in mind, Santin will tackle a double major in Communications and International Relations.

“Communications is very philosophical; the major is marketable and studies how people perceive media. I can blend that beautifully with international relations, which correlates with my interest in the navy, an organization that is so globally involved,” Santin said.

During his time on campus, Santin served as executive officer for Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, a unique leadership organization that he is proud to be apart of. A four year veteran of the club, Santin applied the discipline of NJROTC to his academic record, earning a 4.0 GPA and status as valedictorian.

“It’s very rewarding and a sense of privilege. I set a goal for myself freshman year to be the best student I could be. [Being valedictorian] is four years of sacrifice paying off,” Santin said.

Santin views Cindy Schmidt as a constant influence and inspiration. The valedictorian admires Schmidt for shaping his ethics and professionalism, viewing her as a second parent, and appreciates the opportunity to learn from her. Among the courses Santin has completed, he considers Constitutional Law to be the most meaningful.

“Constitutional law taught me how to be a global citizen. I know how to look at issues from multiple perspectives. The class has made me a more accepting and tolerant person,” Santin said.

Santin is eager to see what the future holds and anxious to address the senior class at graduation. He takes pride in his academic commitment and the rewards that commitment brings, such as being awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship; a program that selects 1000 students nationwide annually and provides financial assistance beyond a master’s degree.

Established in 1999, the UNCF Gates Millennium Scholars Program is funded by at $1.6 billion grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. To date, over 16,000 students have received GMS scholarships, attending more than 1,500 schools, including Ivy League colleges and state universities.

“I have definitely given up a lot of personal time because of my dedication to my academic record. The highlight of my senior year has been seeing that all my hard work paid off,” Santin said.


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