From now until March 15, seniors can purchase a Grad Bash ticket for $60 in Room 220. The event takes place on April 26 at 7 p.m. until 2 a.m and includes transportation to and from the event and access to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

“There used to be a choice between Grad Bash and Grad Night (at Disney Magic Kingdom). We always did Grad Night until Grad Bash came along and we had a choice for awhile but decided on Grad Bash. The intrigue of the roller coasters and being able to go to both parks contributed to our choice of Grad Bash,” Senior Class sponsor Sarah Kittrell said.

To maintain a safe environment, all students must travel on the provided transportation and abide by the dress code. Clothing may not contain offensive language or graphics, or anything with a logo including area codes, school or sports team. Also, anything that could be used as a weapon.

“It’s a safety thing. I want to know my seniors will be safe when I take them out there,” Kittrell said.

Advertising through BBC and word of mouth, the Senior Class hopes to sell enough tickets to fill two buses.

“Students should attend Grad Bash because it’s a fun way to hang out with your senior friends. The price is definitely worth the experience of getting to hang out at the theme park with friends while it is closed and have a free concert because Pitbull is performing,” Senior Class historian Shelbee Simmons said.

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