Committing to a club or activity may seem like a struggle but for senior Christopher Slason, it is a part of life.

Slason is president of French Honor Society and secretary of Math Honor Society and a member of the Key Club, swim team, track team and cross country team. Aside from being a part of campus clubs and sports, he also earned the highest Boy Scouts of America rank, Eagle Scout. To become an Eagle Scout, he had to earn 21 merit badges and serve six months in a troop leadership position. He also had to do a community service project

With the dedication and time he put toward becoming an Eagle Scout, academics are just as important to Slason. Keeping straight A’s for so long, was one of his motivations for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average, although he had others.

“[My biggest motivation was] my friends in higher grades who had straight A’s. I wanted to be as successful as them,” Slason said.

His fondest memory of high school is running cross country races and the adrenaline before the cross country New York trip.

If the opportunity presented itself, he would like to meet Zach Galifianakis because he seems like he would be hilarious in person. Slason said Spirited Away is his favorite movie because it is an endearing coming of age story about courage and selflessness.

Among his other achievements, Slason is a Disney Dreamer and Doer. A Dreamer and Doer is seen as a role model at school and at home.

Slason will attend the University of Florida and plans to major in business with a minor in French. He also plans to study abroad in France for a year, graduate and go to graduate school for international business.

As he parts ways with high school, Slason gives underclassmen a tidbit of advice.

“Don’t take for granted the people who have helped you, and don’t be afraid to get involved. Join clubs, go to functions. School is much more fun that way,” Slason said.

As Slason’s senior year closes, a valedictorian badge should be added to his collection of Boy Scout badges.

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