Studying and earning an A can be a challenge. However for, senior Stephanie Spence receiving another A can be added to a list of others.

Throughout high school, Spence maintained straight A’s. This fall, she will attend Rollins College, with her major undecided; but she is pleased she decided where to go. Spence chose Rollins because it was a good fit for her personality.

“I always wanted to be valedictorian and gain recognition for my hard work,” Spence said.

Spence was an active member of the Math Club, Key Club, Spanish Honor Society, Chorus and a participant on the bowling team.

“My favorite club is Key Club because I love the sense of community and the level of involvement from the members,” Spence said.

Even though she has a busy schedule, Spence is a still teenager, admitting to procrastinating and spending too many hours in front of the TV.

While being involved in clubs on campus, Spence was also enrolled in honors and advanced placement courses. Both presented her with new obstacles.

“[The hardest class was,] the combination of AP U.S. History and AP Lang. I devoted a lot of time to doing work for those classes,” Spence said.

With a mixture of advanced classes and participation in clubs, Spence still encountered struggles every day.

“[My greatest struggle was,] motivating myself to get things done, despite a busy schedule,” Spence said.

Non-academically, Spence’s favorite movie is Jurassic Park because of the suspense and excitement she feels when she watches it. If given the decision of where to do her homework, Spence chose a space shuttle for the view and her ability to concentrate.

Spence’s words of advice for underclassmen are: “Stay away from drama and find a good balance of academics, extracurriculars and social activities.”

When she set her mind to it, Spence was able to accomplish her goal of becoming a valedictorian, a goal she’s had prior to entering high school. With this mindset, she was able to turn dream into reality.

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