Heart pounding, palms sweating with excitement at an all time high as senior Cody Baker reaches closer to perform in the All-State choir.

Nerves begin to pour in as he begins to step on stage as part of the All-State choir, the most prestigious high school choir in Florida. It is an honor Baker can add to his resume, one to accompany being number two is a class of over 600.

Baker is the salutatorian with a weighted GPA of 5.17 and an unweighted GPA of a 3.89.

“I wanted to set an example of success so that anybody who looks at my life can follow what I have done and achieve great things themselves,” Baker said.

Baker’s biggest accomplishment is dual enrolling and being able to graduate college with an associate degree as well as graduating high school at the same time.

The biggest struggle was juggling the amount of assignments and extracurricular activities during high school. Baker’s school involvement focused mainly on chorus related activities: Solo/Ensemble,  All-State, Music Publishers Association and the Variety Show.

Baker’s favorite class in his high school career is Algebra 2 his sophomore year due to the amount of fun he shared with his classmates. His most embarrassing memory occurred in his hardest class, AP Biology. He received a D one quarter but was still able to bring up his grade to be the solel B on is his transcript.

His fondest memory and what he enjoys doing in his spare time is also music related. He finds his fondest moment to be singing in the All-State choir with 300 other people. He also likes to make music with his violin and piano.

Keeping a high GPA was important to Baker because he wants to do the best he can. According to Baker if he could meet any person dead or alive it would be King Solomon of Israel.

“So that I could possibly learn and obtain even just a portion of the great wisdom he has,”Baker said.

Baker will attend University of Central Florida and plans on at least obtaining a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

“[The advice I would give freshman and underclassmen would be to] persevere. Whatever your dreams are, know that the classes you’re in make you one-step closer to achieving that dream,” Baker said.

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