totel pole destoyed
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The week of the Battle for the Barrel always leads to mischief between Boone and Edgewater. This year is no exception.

Last night, students from Edgewater entered the campus and spray painted the parking lot, threw eggs and broke the totem pole. Individual student’s parking spots were targeted with derogatory words and glitter over white paint. Additionally, “OTW” (Only the Water)  and a teacher’s name who currently teaches at Boone but used to teach at Edgewater were spray painted.

“I think it makes Edgewater look shallow. Spray painting Edgewater [on our school] is one thing but trying to make things personal is just a negative reflection on the entire school when in reality it’s only a handful of students,” senior Camille Rimmer, whose parking spot was targeted, said.

While the Edgewater students thought they escaped undetected, a parent was able to take photos of them and their license plates, which have been given to police. This prank could have severe consequences due to the severity of the offense, which is a felony.

“[Punishment from the] school [could lead to] possible expulsion. Criminally, [it could lead to] probation and restitution,” said Student Resource Officer Scott Daniels.

While monetary compensation can help repair the damage, a part of Boone was lost in the defacing of the totem pole. The “wings” of the totem pole, which are made out of concrete, were broken off. How it can and will be repaired, and the total cost of the repair, is yet to be determined.

While antics always dominate the anticipation of the rivalry game, the winner on the field ultimately gets the last word– and the barrel.

The schools will play their last game of the regular season tomorrow at Edgewater.  The 63rd annual rivalry game begins at 7:30 p.m.



By Thomas McDonald

Web Editor in Chief

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