SWEET 'N' SOUR. B.I.T.T.E.R. co-founder, junior Micah Kinney and club-sponsor Chelsea Harmon discuss officer positions for the club. photo/Natalie Disla
SWEET ‘N’ SOUR. BITTER co-founder, junior Micah Kinney and clubsponsor Chelsea Harmon discuss officer positions for the club. photo/Natalie Disla

Bettering Internal Turmoil to End Ridicule, also known as BITTER, is a new club on campus aimed at helping students by providing them with a judgement free place to talk about their concerns and receive constructive feedback from peers..

Junior Micah Kinney came up with the idea for BITTER, unofficially called BAP (Bitter, Angry People), when he was discussing problems amongst friends in class. Kinney talked to juniors Jaylynn Mangual and Alexia Correa to continue the idea and get the beginnings of the club.

“I wanted to help Boone in some way,” Kinney said. “I thought the best way to help the teenage populous would be to let them vent their anger and talk about their problems.”

Chelsea Harmon, club sponsor, opened the first meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Over 50 students were in attendance, all desks were filled and students were even sitting on the ground.

“I expect students to feel lighter after meetings and find camaraderie,” Harmon said. “I’m going to be helping monitor venting sessions to make sure they’re productive as well as constructive.”

The club plans to have activities occurring outside of school. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, both Kinney and Harmon expressed an interest in getting club members together for bonding activities.

“I’d love to do outside work [like] volunteering and fun activities to unite the club as a whole,” Kinney said.

Harmon expressed similar ideas, wanting students to do things that help them find inner strength.

“[We’d like to] do activities like meet at the movies night,” Harmon said. “Basically, just things to alleviate stress, like exercise. Going for walks as a group.”

At the first meeting, several rules were established. If students wanted to vent about someone in particular, they would have to “refer to them in Pretty Little Liars fashion” as “A.” This would be to protect students’ privacy and to ensure that slander or compromising information is not spread around school.

In future meetings, Harmon said, disclosure forms would be provided to the students to ensure that “what happens in BAP, stays in BAP” The disclosure forms serve the same purpose as referring to students anonymously.

Despite what multiple students initially believed, BITTER is a real club approved by administration, with a purpose dedicated to helping students- even if that help is nothing more than allowing them to talk about whatever problem plagues them.

“Overall, I think it’s going to help students realize they’re not the only ones on campus who are incredibly stressed out,” Harmon said. “This [club] is to help them have fun at school.”

The next club meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 1 in Room 305 at 2:30 p.m. to talk, vent and meet other BITTER kids.

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