EAT UP. Dedicated to getting students to eat breakfast, Cruisin’ Kitchen worker, Shelby Long helps a student order food. photo/Carly Meyer

In an effort to get students to eat a breakfast before school, Orange County Public School Food Services hopes their new traveling cart will entice takers.

In an effort to reach more students, cafeteria workers developed the idea to implement a portable breakfast cart.

The cruisin’ kitchen is the schools newest addition and potential of healthier breakfasts.

“It’s important that kids eat breakfast because if they don’t, they’re angry,” Shelby Long, Cruisin’ Kitchen worker, said. “They need nutrition for their entire day.”

There are other breakfast kiosks on campus, however, this one covers areas from the 1000 building, all the way to the student parking lot entrance.

“It’s beneficial because the cart moves around to where the kids are and it’s faster, so they can come to me if they don’t want to wait in line,” Long said.

The kitchen offers a variety of new foods daily consisting of yogurt, pancakes, parfaits, juice, muffins and milk. All menu items fulfill the nutrient standards one needs in a breakfast meal.

“[The Cruisin’ Kitchen is the best choice for me] because I am able to get breakfast and get to my class before the bell rings,” sophomore Ivanna Garcia said. “It’s quick, and there’s never a long line.”

Though it has only been of use for two weeks now, this new, tricked out portable kitchen cart has proven to be beneficial for students to get breakfast in a quicker way.

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