[slideshow_deploy id=’83306′] Starting the ride with a 70-foot vertical lift straight up, similar to an elevator, thrill-seekers can experience Cobra’s Curse, Busch Gardens‘ newest attraction, opening this summer.

Unlike any other thrill ride at Busch Gardens, Cobra’s Curse allows families to experience a 360-spinning coaster together. 

“I think this is gonna be a huge hit because it’s a perfect family thrill ride and a perfect compliment to the park,” Jeff Hornick, Regional Director of Design and Engineering at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, said.

 This ride appeals to all audiences; young and old. Its lower height restriction of 48 inches or 42 inches with a parent/guardian allows younger guests to enjoy the ride. 

Built on a 2,100 feet long steel track with polyurethane and nylon wheels, the rider will enjoy a comfortable, yet swift ride that lasts approximately three and a half minutes.

The Cobra’s Curse experience begins the moment one walks into the queue. Inspired by Egyptian folklore about a snake king, the queue resembles an Egyptian tomb with intricate designs and gems. As one gets deeper into the temple, the temperature decreases, giving this attraction a realistic experience unlike any other.

This attraction also features four different species of pythons in a 400-cubic foot enclosure that riders will pass while they wait in line.  To utilize as much space as possible, the snakes each have their own tier. The Gaboon and Rhinoceros vipers will dwell on the lower level, the Angolan python will inhabit the mid-level and the Jameson’s mamba will live at the highest level.

In addition to the visual appeal, Jeff Vaccaro,  Zoo Educator at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay,  said the snake exhibit also serves as a conservation message about pythons.

“Animals are disappearing because of human interaction so we really want to make people aware and more educated so they can care about the environment. Every little thing we can do helps,” Vaccaro said.

Those who are afraid of snakes, but would still like to experience the Cobra’s Curse, can take the quick queue line to avoid the snake enclosure.  Those who are afraid of roller coasters or who are unable to ride, but would like to view the exhibit can walk through the queue and exit before boarding the ride.

To experience Busch Gardens’ Cobra’s Curse this summer, buy tickets online for $79. The snakes are waiting.

By Natalie Disla

I am the Editor-In-Chief of Hilights. I love traveling to different countries and states, but my favorite place to visit is New York. Beyoncé is my inner diva.

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