[slideshow_deploy id=’84162′]After taking AP Biology with Jamie Bortner and going on a mission trip to Haiti, valedictorian Kendall Wood found her intended major: biology.

“I was inspired after a microbiologist after my first mission trip to Haiti,” Wood said. “I visited a microbiology lab and thought ‘that’s what I want to do with my life’.”

Wood said the rigorous curriculum of AP Biology made it her hardest class, but it happened to be her favorite, too.

“I love biology in general and Mrs. Bortner’s teaching techniques were fantastic. She understands the brain of an AP student,” Wood said.

Making it through high school took Wood, as she said, patience and a lot of caffeine. She tributes her success in becoming a valedictorian to clear hard work and determination.

In high school, Wood’s activities include cheerleading, student government and worship leading at church.

“My fondest memory in high school was cheering on the end zone of the last few seconds of the Edgewater game my sophomore year,” Wood said. “I don’t think I have ever jumped so high when that winning pass was caught.”

Balancing cheer, extracurriculars, school and work became one of her biggest struggles in school. On top of these difficulties, not completing her Florida Virtual School class until April of this year was another issue for Wood.

In Wood’s spare time, she likes to read, play piano and relax in an eno hammock. Wood enjoys studying outside on her back porch while it is raining and she most enjoys the movie, Les Miserables

“Les Miserables is my favorite movie because it is not only a great movie with great music, but the story is so meaningful, following a man’s fall and return to grace,” Wood said.

Wood plans on attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas., to major in biology.

By Jack Rummler

Hey! I am Jack Rummler, and I am a third year staffer and the senior editor in chief. Things I enjoy on the regular include: oatmeal, photography and my dachshund. I have a passion for the environment and making people giggle.

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