STRIKE A POSE. Looking in the mirror, Ariana Rovira chooses an outfit to wear the next day. photo/Shayna Eaton

As the keyboard clicks, words appear on the screen. With fashion on her mind, freshman Ariana Rovira types a blog post to share with thousands of fellow fashionistas.

Rovira initially began blogging about fashion after an HBO television show inspired her.

“After eighth grade, I went on a serious Sex and the City binge,” Rovira said. “I thought, ‘If Carrie Bradshaw can do it, I can do it’. Fashion was my only expertise, so I started posting on Tumblr.”

Rovira’s parents introduced her to fashion at a young age.

“Since she was very little, she had a lot of contact with the world of fashion because her mom, Claudia, is a makeup artist and worked in retail for many years,” Ramon Rovira, Ariana’s father, said.

Her exposure to the fashion industry helped A. Rovira create her own look, which helps her dress in a way that makes her feel confident.

“During sixth grade, I was confused fashion-wise. Over the summer, I developed my own sense of style,” A. Rovira said. “I stopped caring about others and focused on what I wanted.”

In her blog posts, A. Rovira simplifies new trends and fashion shows for rising fashion enthusiasts.

“In my posts, I recap fashion shows because it’s easy for me to summarize what’s going on,” A. Rovira said. “I try to read articles that are hard to simplify and dumb them down so beginners in fashion can get a better understanding of [them].”

Blogging gives A. Rovira a sense of pride. Writing makes her feel accepted in a group she adores.

“The best part is getting the opportunity to be recognized by other people in the field because it’s a small circle,” A. Rovira said. “To get recognition for something you love is great.”

Rovira plans to continue her hobby by going to college and getting a job involving fashion.

“Right now, I’m set on fashion journalism, going to [New York University] and majoring in journalism,” A. Rovira said. “I [want] to do men’s styling. I [like] the idea of having my own Ken doll. The whole system is fascinating.”

Rovira’s father believes her experience with blogging will help her in the future with any career path she chooses. Her ability to express her thoughts through words can assist her in the real world.

“[This hobby] will open many doors for Ariana,” R. Rovira said. “She’s always had a ‘leadership spirit’. Since she was little, she never really followed the crowd. More often than not, she led others and always stood firm on her point of view. Writing will help her be a voice to those [who] can’t be heard.”

As for now, A. Rovira writes on various blogging platforms to express her admiration for fashion.

“I like that I’m acknowledged for any potential I have in that area because I only recently had interest,” A. Rovira said. “I think that being recognized will impact the rest of my career.”

By Shayna Eaton

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