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For those new to campus or anyone looking to get involved, check out Rush Week, Aug. 23 to Aug. 25, during A and B lunch.

Rush Week, an annual event hosted during the second week of school, provides clubs an opportunity to advertise their organization to recruit new members. Club members are present to talk to students who are interested in joining. Rush Week allows students, especially freshmen, to see the variety of extra-curricular activities offered on campus.

“I think [Rush Week] is important because we have [45] clubs on campus and that gives students a variety to choose from,” Student Government Association sponsor Cassandra Stilwell said. “Hopefully, there is one or two clubs a student can join where they can have a close group of friends to finish high school out with while doing something that interests them.”

At Rush Week, Gay-Straight Alliance co-president Tyler Locke hopes to send the message that GSA is a positive and equal environment.

“[GSA] is a safe space for those who don’t normally have somewhere they can be themselves,” Locke said. “I’m excited for this year to be able to create a close knit group and being able to provide the safe space and community Boone needs.”

Whether your interests are in baking or science, there is a club offered for all students. Here is a list of all clubs one can find at Rush Week:

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Sponsor: Donna Patz

Room: 13.217

Anime Club

Sponsor: Wendy Ernest

Room: 505

Art Club

Sponsor: Cathy Rohe

Room: 11.111 or 11.105


Sponsor: Monica Bourret

Room: 212

Athletic Training

Sponsor: Molly Carver

Room: 7.120

Baking Braves

Sponsor: Jennalyn Patton

Room: 847


Sponsor: Stephanie Schields

Room: 13.116

Baseball Babes

Sponsor: Glenn Listort

Room: 558

Boone Crew

Sponsor: Jennifer Caperton

Room: 314

Boone Publications

Sponsor: Renee Burke

Room: 224


Sponsor: Ashley Mullins, Chelsea Harmon

Room: 215, cafeteria

Chess Club

Sponsor: Nicole Moitoza

Environmental Club

Sponsor: Wendy Ernest

Room: 505

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Jennifer Caperton

Room: Jr/Sr Cafeteria

Fishing Club

Sponsor: Rick Houston

Room: 100

French Club

Sponsor: Safia Mami

Room: 10.205

French Honor Society

Sponsor: Safia Mami

Room: 10.205

Freshman Class

Sponsor: Jamie Bortner

Room: 580

Frisbee Gold

Sponsor: Monica Bourret

Room: 212

Garden Club

Sponsor: Lisa Maccarone

Room: 563

Gay-Straight Alliance

Sponsor: Monica Bourret

Room: 212


Sponsor: Lis Smith

Room: 212

Interact Club

Sponsor: Lisa Maccarone

Room: 563

International Futbol Club

Sponsor: Danielle Heath

Room: 122

Junior Class

Sponsor: Jillian Rodriguez

Room: 555

Junior State of America

Sponsor: Jill Mollenhauer

Room: 315

Key Club

Sponsor: Kelly Morales

Room: 229

Magic: The Gathering Club

Sponsor: Joseph Bouchard

Room: 13.101

Math Club

Sponsor: Teresa Tachon

Room: 13.207

Mock Trial

Sponsor: John Dempsey

Room: 851

Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsor: Teresa Tachon

Room: 13.207

National Honor Society

Sponsor: Teresa King

Room: Jr/Sr cafeteria

Ocean Activists Club

Sponsor: Lisa Maccarone

Room: 563

Programming Team

Sponsor: James Mitchell

Room: 232

Quentin Tarantino Film Club

Sponsor: Kelly Mahler

Room: 215

Science Olympiad

Sponsor: Colleen Dugan

Room: 226

Senior Class

Sponsor: Annette Montgomery

Room: 234

Student Government Association

Sponsor: Jennifer Hines

Room: 560

Sophomore Class

Sponsor: Lisa Maccarone

Room: 563

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Priscilla Carrera

Room: 10.204

Spanish National Honor Society

Sponsor: Maria Cubero

Room: 10.203

The Breakfast Club

Sponsor: Felicia Freitag

Room: 105

Young Democrats

Sponsor: Monica Bourret

Room: 212

Young Republicans

Sponsor: Mike Hibbard

Room: 13.109

By Jack Rummler

Hey! I am Jack Rummler, and I am a third year staffer and the senior editor in chief. Things I enjoy on the regular include: oatmeal, photography and my dachshund. I have a passion for the environment and making people giggle.

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