What’s your job at BooneI work as a college specialist and SAT/PSAT coordinator.

What college did you graduate from? I received my bachelor’s degree at the University of Puerto Rico for Environmental Design, and my masters in educational leadership from UCF.

Who inspires you everyday and why? My family and friends because of their kindness, support and wisdom.

What do you enjoy most about Boone? The school spirit and friendship.

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy crafting and embroidery as well as scrapbooking and model building.

What kind of impact do you want to leave on Boone? I want every student to have a broader vision of what’s out there for them, as well as some personal and professional goals.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you? I love art.

What’s more important, the journey or the destination, and why? The journey because you have so many opportunities to learn and grow.  Life can always have another destination for you.

By Carston Carasella

Hey, my name's Carston, and I'm a second year staffer at BoonePubs. My motto is fake it 'till you make it, and I love the movie Big Trouble in Little China. I'd love to travel to Minorca because that's where my ancestors are from. Some of my hobbies include working at the always wonderful Panera Bread, and writing. My hidden talent is that I can play guitar, and I wishfully hope to one day become mayor of Portland.

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