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In an effort to renovate the athletic facilities, Boone High School Athletic Association launched a capital funds campaign, Revive The Tribe.

The planned renovations include the addition of a new, more advanced digital scoreboard, adding a rubber track, new field turf, concession area bathrooms and lights for the baseball fields. The renovations will help the school’s facilities stay up-to-date with newer schools in the county.

“Having [lights] will make the upcoming season much more enjoyable. I think [this season] will be a lot more fun compared to last because when we would play away games at night it was a lot more fun for the team,” varsity baseball player Edgar Alvarez, sophomore, said.

The campaign offers several different recognition opportunities for those who make donations. Donations ranging between $250-$5000 will receive a personalized brick varying in size, depending on the amount of the donation. The bricks’ new location will stand next to the walkway by the stadium’s southgate. Those who donate $5,000 or above will receive their name on the wall plaque located on the new Revive the Tribe Mural. BHSAA raised $735,000 of the $1.3 million budget to date.

“[Students need to] spread the word to parents and community businesses. Let them know how important it is for Boone’s facilities to be up to par with other newer or renovated high schools,” BHSAA president Tom Kelly said.   

The deadline for fundraising is March 2017. Construction starts in May 2017 and will finish in the 2017-2018 school year. The construction begins with the addition of new turf to the football fields, with the new track and concession stand bathroom renovations following, then adding lights to the baseball field in the final phase. 

“It will give students the opportunity to better compete in their chosen sports while restoring pride among the school’s many alumni, parents, faculty and staff. It will also help Boone become a statewide destination for sporting events,” Kelly said.

The progress made in fundraising is on track for deadline and start of construction. While BHSAA feels confident they will secure the necessary funds, the organization plans to seek alternative methods of fund raising if they fall short of the financial goal. The construction will begin in stages to ensure addequate funds for each project.

“We are pleased with the progress and the excitement the Boone Community has shown toward making this project a success.  We hope to reach our fundraising goal by the end of March with the help of our grassroots commemorative plaque and brick initiative,” Kelly said.

By Kyla McCrary

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