With a head start into the business world, sophomore Elijah Cruzada dives into entrepreneurship to create a company that represents having an impact on those surrounding him. He launched Potent Factor Clothing Co. on Oct. 29, 2016, to prepare for the professional world through gaining business skills to use after high school.

“Potent Factor represents the uniqueness of the youth. Our clothing is a great way of feeling comfortable and expressing yourself,” E. Cruzada said. “I believe this concept will catch the eyes of the students at Boone High School, and kids, teens and adults through the community.”

With clothing varying from sweatshirts and crewnecks to long sleeves and short sleeve t-shirts to tank tops, Potent Factor offers men’s and women’s clothing. Potent Factor also offers a wide range color scheme, from reds and pinks to blacks and greys. Prices range from $20 to $40. Designs include the company’s logo, the name and various small prints and patterns.

“My passion to strive as an entrepreneur is what ultimately made me start this company. Since I was a boy, business attics always fascinated me. i love taking things that are small and turning them into something worth noticing,” E. Cruzada said.

Joel Cruzada, Elijah’s father helped with basic needs, such as a logo and name to legal necessities like trademarking, getting an Employer Identification Number and business license, as well as with the financial aspect including funding, advertising and the manufacturing of products to launch the business.

“This experience created time between us, and when you take time with your children, no matter what it is you are doing together, the results will always be positive. The time together will always be rewarding. The experience is priceless and this is only the beginning of many projects to come. We are already working on his next venture,” J. Cruzada said.

Contact information

Website: https://represent.com/store/potentfactor

Twitter: PotentFactor

Instagram: potentfactor


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