In preparaton for the 2018 school year, the newly inducted Mu Alpha Theta members elected their officers on Thursday, March 9, at the last Math Club meeting of this academic year.

Elected officers include: president, Michael Collins; vice president, Melody Halbert; treasurer, Kara Gentry; historian, Chloe Neusaenger; and parliamentarians, Savion Jean-Pierr and Justin Wurst. 

For consideration into Mu Alpha Theta, students must maintain a 3.5 unweighted GPA, must attend all Math Club meetings with four or less absences and complete all previous or current math courses with at least a B average.

Teresa Tachon considered all applicants and chose 59 students.


Inductees received certificates and cake during the March 2 Math Club meeting.

Students Inducted:

Julia Alves

Jaxsen Anagnostis

Camryn Anderson

Kenda Apple

Claire Beemer

Zana Berisha

Jack Bramuchi

Anezi Bueno

Janysa Cabrera

Noah Chevalier

Michael Collins

Blair Colson

Maria Alejandra Cortes Arjuela

Paxton Cox

Allana Crawford

Jae Crawford

David Crowe

Xiaojin Dai

Cara Eakins

Thomas Fletcher IV

Parker Fluke

Irene Fong

Kian Garcia

Kara Gentry

Adriana Griffin

Melody Halbert

Lauren Hawk

Christopher Hernandez

Chase Herron

Savion Jean-Pierre

Cecilia Kegler

Gracyn Lindborg

Xiaoxiao Liu

Reid Marlett

Chasity Maynard

Jacob McCarey

Grace McGee

Maddie Mendoza

Bob Vince Naranjo

Chloe Neusaenger

Joanne Nguyen

Jason Patrick

Victoria Petrucelly

Tyler Rispoli

David Rodriguez

Jack Rummler

Sophia Sanders

Emma Schrago

Lauren Shutts

Abigail Smith

Eric Tormanen

Avery Tyndall

Ivy VanDyke

Jose Vasquez

Jenny Wisor

Justin Wurst

Roxanne Zachar


By Cassady Quintana

I am a junior on the BHS Lady Braves varsity basketball team, varsity flag football team and a second year Boone Pubs staffer. I am addicted to sweet tea and I love music.

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