After finding her passion through several missionary trips to Kenya and Togo, Julianne Cheatham found her intended major: Environmental Science.

“I am very passionate about the environment,” Cheatham said. “And [environmental science] seems like it would be a good stepping stone for my hopeful future career as a National Park Ranger. I grew up camping, and have always been a nature girl.”

Juggling her classes, diving and extracurriculars, Cheatham still managed to keep an unweighted 4.0 and weighted 5.17 grade point average. To make it through high school Cheatham said she needed to pay attention and be in class. She attributes her success to her dedication and willingness to work hard.

Her dedication to her academics helped her earn admission to Colgate College, Davidson College and Middlebury College, three of the nation’s top 20 colleges and universities, which qualifies her as one of the school’s four OCPS’s Super Scholars

Aside from her academic success, Cheatham traveled to Africa to help make a difference. Doing missionary work in third world countries, such as Kenya and Togo, Cheatham wanted to help the residents.

“I knitted hats for the maternity ward, [and have] made almost 200, visited children in the hospital, babysat missionary children, and helped teach at schools in the community,” Cheatham said.

Cheatham gained experience working in several villages, learning the ways of the Kenyan and Togolese people. Visiting the countries gave Cheatham a greater appreciation for other cultures.

During high school, Cheatham also volunteered at Orlando Health and Rehabilitation Center and was an active member in Mighty Knitters. In January, Cheatham received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award.

“It was a huge honor for me to be selected as the MLK Humanitarian for Boone because the Humanitarians are supposed to affect change in the community,” Cheatham said. “Out of 3000 students, I was the one chosen, which was a big honor.”

Besides volunteering, Cheatham also theatre.

“[One of my favorite activities] is theater,” Cheatham said. “So, I wanted to pursue it in college even if I don’t get a career in that field.”

Chatham will attend Colgate University in Hamilton, New York.

By Delaney ODonnell

I'm the Legend yearbook's photo editor. I love telling stories through photography and you'll usually find me with a camera in my hand! If you see me, I'm usually wearing big sweaters/shirts.

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