1.What is your favorite part about Boone?

My favorite part about Boone is my Spanish class because there are students from different countries that I can learn from and I love the teacher because she knows about different cultures.

2. What are you looking forward to in your senior year?

I’m looking forward to participating in activities at school, getting good grades and passing exams so I can graduate.

3. Where are you from?

I am from Guantanamo, Cuba. Where I lived was close to the ocean and it’s known for it’s chocolate. It’s a military area and it’s a little dangerous because people try to leave through there and there’s the minefield and Guantanamo Bay that’s occupied by the United States. One time I was in school and a guy cut through a mine with a machete and we heard the explosion. My mom and people from the community have seen people injured by these mines.

4. How different was your life one year ago?

A year ago, I didn’t know a lot of English and I didn’t have as many friends. Now I work and I’ve been able to meet more new people in my life.

5. If you could be anywhere in the world where would it be?

Spain. I love Barcelona and I would love to go there. My older brother lived there and he would send us pictures, it’s really beautiful.

6. What’s the best thing that happened to you last week?

I went to the beach and I had a lot of fun. I got to see the sunset and it looked amazing.

7. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to listen to music and watch TV.

8.What’s your favorite TV show?

Doble Tentacion, it’s TV show from Chile.

9.What song best describe you?

Que te enamores” by David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera because it’s about love.

10. What’s your favorite animal?

I love dogs, especially when they are little. I don’t own one yet because of where I live but I would love to have one.

By Myara Perez

Im a first year newspaper staffer. I enjoy taking pictures, writing and making short films.

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