FAMILY MATTERS. Trace with his parents Timmy and Tammy Barley.

Family and friends of 2017 graduate Trace Barley recently received news of his diagnosis of leukemia on Dec. 1. Now, the Boone community is coming together to support him and his cause.

Barley is remembered at Boone by his football legacy and infectious personality. Starting out on the varsity football team his freshman year, it was obvious to coach Travis Gabriel that Barley had potential.

“[Trace is] one of the hardest working players who never quits,” Gabriel said. “He was loved and respected by his teammates. He is part of the brotherhood.”

Much like any situation concerning cancer, it came as a surprise to all. Barley had been sick before the diagnosis, but cancer was never on the forefront of anyone’s mind. Luckily, Barley is still in good spirits and acting himself.

“I met Trace when I was little, cheering for the South Orlando Braves,” said junior Samantha Lunny. “He has always been like my older brother, and he has always looked out for me. Cancer really messed with the wrong person.”

Beth’s Burger Bar is holding a fundraiser for Barley on Dec. 21 at 6 p.m. at its Lake Cay location. T-shirts are available for purchase in Mrs. Schield’s room for $10 each. Barley also has a Facebook page that contains updates and other information, where a dinner sign-up sheet is located.

“Trace is a fighter,” said Gabriel. “I know he is going to fight this and defeat it.”

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