IN THE MOMENT. During her first few weeks here, junior Olivia Sparkman roams the campus. photo/Samar Baig
While junior Olivia Sparkman has moved 3,000 miles away, Sparkman is hopeful water polo will help her adjust to her new city, Orlando.
Sparkman started swimming when she moved to California in the seventh grade. Then, in her sophomore year of high school, she started playing water polo.
“I started swimming because it was a fun thing I liked doing, then I realized I was pretty good this. I ended up swimming for about four years,” Sparkman said
In San Diego, the varsity water polo team is tough and competitive, Sparkman said.
“I tried hard and I made the team within my first year. I thought that was amazing,” Sparkman said. “Over time I got a lot of scars on my body from the girls in California. I decided to try goalie and liked it.”
At first, Sparkman played a field position and she was in the main defensive position. For the past year, she has played goalie.
“I will continue to go to the club practices. Everyone on the team is nice and welcoming,” Sparkman said
Although, Sparkman balances taking all AP classes and playing for the girls water polo team, Sparkman doesn’t have plans to play water polo in her collegiate years. Rather, she sees the sport as a way to get involved and make friends.
Sparkman plans to go to college and study food research. She wants to engineer different foods and flavors.
“I really like ice cream and all kinds of food. Over the summer I went to France and fell in love with the food there,” Sparkman said.
In the future, Sparkman hopes to continue trying new restaurants and experience different kinds of foods.

By Samar Baig

Hey! I'm Samar Baig, the editor-in-chief for BoonePubs's newspaper. My first name is pronounced like the season summer, but my favorite season is winter. This is my fourth year on staff. I enjoy trying new foods, traveling around the world, and spending time with my friends and family.

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