CHEESE PLEASE. Habit Burger’s delicious double charburger. photo/Juliet Marcus

Walking into Habit Burger’s southern California beach themed restaurant, there is an immediate feeling of comfort and welcome, with a breezy vibe and oceanic artwork. The Ron Jon surf shop appearance creates a friendly atmosphere, enhanced by employees’ smiles and attentiveness.

Habit Burger opened in SODO on Nov. 1 as the third location in Florida. Right beside the restaurant, there is a patio where customers can sit outside and enjoy their meals. Inside, there is an abundance of seating with native beach plants scattered around the unique interior.

When placing an order, the staff is patient and enthusiastic about the food. The casual burger joint offers gluten-free or vegetarian options like lettuce instead of a toasted bun is available upon request.

Customers can choose from a wide menu of more than just burgers. Habit Burger offers salads, sandwiches, kids meals and frozen treats like milkshakes, malts and sundaes.

Habit Burger’s beach town vibe is evident on all their menu items, offering a Santa Barbara spin on their burgers, salads and sandwiches. The Santa Barbara burger is served on toasted rye bread with everything included in their regular double charburger plus avocado. They also offer items not usually seen in other restaurants like tempura green beans and a portobello mushroom burger.

Aside from the usual ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise bar, Habit offers a small toppings bar with an assortment of jalepenos, pepperoncinis and other items to personalize the meal.

The 100 percent chargrilled ground beef has a significantly better taste than burgers at other popular burger-joints like Five Guys. Chargrilling burgers adds a juicier, smoky flavor and reinforces a better experience. Habit Burger is famous for them, actually. Their superbly made, reasonably-priced burgers are reason enough to try them. Some meals cost less than $10 and include a drink and fries.

As for sides, customers decide between the earlier mentioned tempura green beans, fries and onion rings. A healthier side salad is also listed on the menu.

Desserts offered include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha or coffee milkshakes or malts. Sundaes and ice cream cones are offered in vanilla ice cream. The creamy and delicious milkshakes or malts can be substituted instead of a drink.

This delicious family-friendly restaurant serves great food at great prices. The theme is inviting and decorative and, after eating there once, making it a habit to return won’t be hard.

The Hilights

Name: Habit Burger

Cost: $1 to $12

Address:  2205 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806


Stars: 4.5 out of 5

By Juliet Marcus

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