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T PLEASE. At the celebration, defensive lacrosse player senior Lauren Shutts receives her t-shirt. photo/Gabriella Fatigati.

Head coaches of each sport nominate top players for the “All Metro” title.

This year, coaches and students celebrates their first All Metro players. Students receive certificates, shirts and cake to celebrate the honor.

Girls Volleyball – Erin Carter
Boys Golf- Nick Bessire
Girls Golf – Dina Rami
Boys Swimming – Rusty Dagon, Dylan McKinney, Elias Contogonas, Trey Bonham, Robert Duckworth
Boys Bowling – Jacob Hopper
Girls Bowling – Ashley Reid
Football – Dai One Creal, Reece Blankenship, Jonathan De Lucca, Jay Swegheimer, Jack Dixson, Devonte Booker
Girls Soccer – Jazmin Adlam, Cynthia Bagozzi
Boys Soccer – Ivan Landin, Paxton Cox, Jake Stewartson 
Girls Weightlifting – Rachael Carroll
Boys Basketball – Sean Halloran
Girls Basketball – Brittney Smith
Cheerleading – Jada Lock
Girls Track and Field – Jae Crawford
Boys Water Polo – Chase Herron, Ethan Mortensen
Girls Water Polo – Grace McGee, Chloe Conyers
Softball – Lara Dusing
Boys Lacrosse – Jack Reddeck
Girls Lacrosse – Kara Gentry, Lauren Shutts, Sydney Haselden

Click here to view photos from the celebration.

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