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Finally. These are the finalized dates for the Hurricane Dorians makeup days. photo courtesy/OCPS

Orange County Public Schools announced new hurricane make up days yesterday.

After Hurricane Dorian, students and teachers lost three instructional days. Originally, two days were set to cover those days lost: Oct. 17 and Nov. 25. 

On Sept. 24, the district offered an alternative to the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association and Orange Education Support Professionals Association unions, stating that it would be beneficial for both students and teachers. The offer included switching Oct. 17 with Oct. 18.

“This will avoid students returning on Friday after having Thursday off for the teacher’s workday,” OCPS wrote on a Facebook post.

Additionally, Superintendent Barbara Jenkins waived the Nov. 25 makeup day because it took away a day from students and teacher’s week-long Thanksgiving break.

“Thanksgiving week break remains intact for our families and employees,” OCPS also wrote on Facebook.

By Samar Baig

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