Sierra Tagman is one of 27 valedictorians.

What college do you plan to attend? “University of Florida.”

What is your intended major? “I’m going to double major in economics and political science.”

What other colleges have accepted you? “George Washington University, American University, William and Mary, Fordham University and Florida State University.”

What clubs and sports did you participate in? “I was the historian for interact club, parliamentarian for National Honor Society and vice president for French Honor Society. I also played on the Varsity volleyball and lacrosse teams.”

What is your favorite memory from Boone? “My favorite memory would have to be going to the football games, especially this year. Even though I’m not that into watching, it’s fun to talk to everyone and cheer the team on.”

What is your advice for incoming students? “Take every opportunity you get because high school flies by, believe me.”

What are you most looking forward to about college? “I’m looking forward to making new friends and taking on new opportunities different from those I took on during high school.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced at school? “The biggest challenge for me throughout my time at Boone was probably time management between schoolwork, sports, clubs, friends and having a job.”

How did your experience playing sports help you succeed academically? “I think playing sports deficiently helped me with time management skills, which will definitely be useful throughout college.”

What is your biggest goal for the next year? “My biggest goal for next year is to get involved on campus in as many ways as possible, through clubs, friends and whatever other opportunities that may come along.”

Who is your biggest inspiration? “My biggest inspiration is without a doubt my mom. No matter what challenge she faces, she overcomes it with strength and is the best at making everyone around her feel included and important.”

What will you miss most about Boone? “I think I’m going to miss the familiarity of Boone. I always like to challenge myself with change and cool opportunities, but I’m definitely going to miss seeing familiar faces in the hallways, saying ‘hi’ to my favorite teachers from past years and the fun activities Boone always has for us.”

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