Jonathan Asbury is one of 27 valedictorians.

What college do you plan to attend? “University of Florida.”

What is your intended major? “Computer Science.”

What other colleges were you accepted to? “UCF and FSU.”

What clubs or sports did you participate in? “Marching Band, Rho Kappa, Math Lab, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Programming Team, National Honor Society, and Science National Honor Society.”

What is your favorite Boone memory? “Playing at the Tropicana Dome in Tampa with the marching band.” 

What advice do you have for incoming students? “Don’t be afraid to get involved with whatever sport, club, activity interests you. It’s the best way to find your people and feel like you belong.”

What were some of your goals throughout high school? “Academic achievement was always definitely a big goal of mine throughout high school. Outside of that, trying to get the most out of my high school experience in whatever form it takes was also a goal, especially during senior year.”

What are some of your goals for college and beyond? “I think my biggest goal in college and beyond that is to find direction in where my life should go. Computer science is a really broad field, so I’m excited to try different opportunities to see what I’m passionate about. And, who knows, maybe I’ll discover that my real passion is something completely else.”

What are you most excited for in college? “I’m really excited for the change that comes with college. I’m ready to be somewhere new and push myself out of my comfort zone, while also focusing in and learning a lot more about the things I’m passionate about.”

How did Marching Band impact your high school experience? “Marching Band had a huge impact on my high school experience. It allowed me to find an amazing group of life-long friends and it gave me something to look forward to every day. Marching band was huge in my connection to Boone; being at all the football games and participating in many of the school’s traditions all developed a sense of school spirit and pride.”

How did Boone impact your choice of major? “Boone offers a variety of tech-related classes and resources. Classes like web design and AP Computer Science, as well as being a part of the programming team, really helped to spark my love for computer science.”

What aspect of Boone will you miss most next year? “Most of all, I’m going to miss the people and the community. Boone has introduced me to people that have greatly impacted my life and it’s going to be hard to leave that behind.”

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