Kaitlyn Hanson is the salutatorian.

What college do you plan to attend? “Duke University

What are your goals and dreams for college and your future? “I plan to study Political Science and English at Duke on a Pre-Law track. I hope to attend Law School and pursue a career as a Criminal Attorney.”

What other colleges were you accepted at? The University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, University of Central Florida”

What extracurriculars did you participate in at Boone? Boone Bravettes (4 years, Captain), Moot Court (Co-Captain), Mock Trial, Law Honor Society (President), Rho Kappa (President), Spanish Honor Society (President), National Honor Society (Secretary), Science National Honor Society (Secretary), Mu Alpha Theta (Historian) and Principal’s Cabinet.”

What was your favorite memory from Boone? “It is so hard to pick a favorite memory, as I have loved every single moment of my time at Boone! However, one of my all-time favorite memories was when my team made finals at nationals for the first time in our history with both of our routines. It was incredible to see my team’s hard work pay-off at competition, and I know I will never forget that entire weekend.”

What is your advice to incoming students? “My advice to incoming students would be to make time for what you love and to put 100% of yourself into everything that you do.”

How did taking part in Bravettes help you succeed academically? “I’m positive that being so active and involved in my school and community was a huge part of the reason I was able to succeed academically the past four years at Boone. Through Bravettes in particular, I’ve learned so much about time management, responsibility and teamwork.”

Why did you choose Duke University? “I chose Duke for its reputation for academics as well as the overall atmosphere of the school. The student life and school spirit are amazing, and I couldn’t imagine not going to a spirited school like Boone. I knew Duke was the perfect fit for me, and it feels like it’s where I’m meant to be!”

What will you miss most about Boone? “I will miss everything about Boone, but the things I will miss most are the teachers and faculty as well as Boone’s unique sense of community and school pride.”

How did Boone help you prepare for college? “Boone has so many incredible academic and extracurricular opportunities, without which I know I would  not have had the same success in my college application process. I am so thankful to Mrs. Cullen and Mrs. Hayden and Boone’s guidance department as a whole for their incredible help in my college search and academic career.”

What does it mean to you to be one of the top students in your class and Salutatorian? “It’s such an honor to be considered one of the top students in my class, and I am so grateful for Boone’s amazing teachers and community for their support, help, and constant encouragement.”

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