3rd grade

In 3rd grade we dive in head first by beginning to read notes on the staff and learning the core of the music language.  We help practice our reading skills with the recorder.  The recorder is a woodwind instrument and is a great tool for your children to learn the music fundamentals of playing instruments and reading music.  We also have a heavy dose of musical vocabulary that we are assessed on as each unit finishes up.boombox3

6 thoughts on “3rd grade

  1. Katharine Miller

    You have to copy the link I believe into the browser and it will take you to the youtube video. 🙂

  2. Alyssa Burns

    m.rs miller how do you play the song called the frog

  3. Sarah Bourouail

    i love ms.miller so much she is the best music teacher i ever had<3

  4. Sulani Sanchez

    thank you ms.miller for being the best music teacher

  5. Jazmin Scales

    you should if you dont we got the best music teacher ever.

  6. Jazmin Scales

    i love music do you love it

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