Needed for Class

  • HP device, charged and ready to go
  • Current Assigned Novel/Play or Sound and Sense (for poetry days)
  • Composition Book – tape-bound, not spiral. Bring to class the same days you bring Sound and Sense.
  • Notebook Paper
    Even though we’ll be doing many tasks online, timed writings and other activities will be done “old school.” Have paper available every day. Loose leaf ONLY. Torn spiral paper makes my teeth itch.
  • Writing Utensils
    Pencil is required for the occasional bubble sheet. Using pencil is okay for drafts, but use blue or black ink for other work. Purple is my color! Have more than one thing to write with every day. College-bound students have no excuse for not having writing utensils.
  • Highlighter
    For text marking.HP papercomp