AP Calculus BC

Welcome to AP Calculus BC.  Below you will find your assignments, the dates they were given and a link to the lesson which was done on the smartboard.

See link below for the class syllabus and calendar.

Textbook: The AP Calculus Problem Book

Larson textbook:  Calculus, 9th Edition by Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards

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Below is what we cover each day and the assignments to go with each.


1st 9-weeks

2nd 9 weeks – click here!
3rd 9 weeks – click here!
4th 9 weeks – click here!
Date Section Assignment
8/12 Monday Introductions, class expectation AP Calculus BC syllabus
8/13 Tuesday  TI-lab 1  TI-lab 1
8/14 Wednesday AP Cal BC sec 1.2 notes 2018-19 
(Limit review)
Khan Academy (3 assignments listed): Estimating limit values from graphs, estimating limit values from tables and Limits and Continuity Quiz (assigned) due Friday, 8/16
8/15 Thursday AP Cal BC finding limits algebraically 18-19 Assignment is from Larson Textbook, here are problems copied to pdf: Limits solved Analytically Review homework problems from Larson textbook
8/16 Friday AP Cal BC Continuity and one-sided limits notes 2019-20 The following worksheet was assign: finding limits graphically worksheet
8/19 Monday AP Cal BC limits at infinity – 2018-19  The following problems were assigned from the Larson Textbook: Homework after section 1.5
8/20 Tuesday AP Cal BC Iimits to infinity notes 2018-19 Limits to Infinity Assignment The following problems were assigned from the Larson Textbook: Limits to Infinity Assignment
8/21 Wednesday AP Cal BC L’Hopitals Rule notes 2018-19 Homework for LHopitals rule
8/22 Thursday extra day on L’Hopital’s Rule  
8/23 Friday Rate of Change Homework: page 19 from Problem book
8/26 Monday Limit MC problems Classwork: page 24-15 from Problem book
8/27 Tuesday extra day on MC problems  
8/28 Wednesday Limit FRQ problems  
8/29 Thursday Limit Review  
8/30 Friday Limit Test  
9/2 Monday No School – Labor Day  
9/3 Tuesday No School Hurricane  
9/4 Wednesday No School Hurricane  
9/5 Thursday    
9/6 Friday    
9/9 Monday    
9/10 Tuesday    
9/11 Wednesday    
9/12 Thursday    
9/13 Friday    
9/16 Monday    
9/17 Tuesday    
9/18 Wednesday    
9/10 Thursday    
9/20 Friday    
9/23 Monday    
9/24 Tuesday    
9/25 Wednesday    
9/26 Thursday    
9/27 Friday    
9/30 Monday    
10/1 Tuesday    
10/2 Wednesday    
10/3 Thursday    
10/4 Friday    
10/7 Monday    
10/8 Tuesday    
10/9 Wednesday    
10/10 Thursday    
10/11 Friday    
10/14 Monday    
10/15 Tuesday    
10/16 Wednesday    
10/17 Thursday