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1970’s Terms and Events


With a partner, you will define the following terms/events by explaining their significance, as well as putting them in chronological order; use a metasearch such as Dogpile or Unabot, or a search engine/directory such as Google or Bing. Be sure to answer each in Google Classroom, in complete sentences.


You must research from various sites, such as dogpile, metasearch, bing and google:

  • Medicare/Medicaid,
  • DEET,
  • SALT I,
  • Détente,
  • Watergate,
  • Love Canal,
  • Paris Peace Accords,
  • Camp David Accords,
  • Open Door Policy (China),
  • NOW,
  • ERA,
  • OPEC,
  • PLO,
  • Jihad,
  • Cigar Industry in Tampa,
  • Social Movement (of American Indians) at Alcatraz,
  • Social Movement (of Hispanics) led by Cesar Chavez,
  • Regents of the University of California v. Bakke,
  • Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education,
  • Roe v. Wade.


Tomorrow, these 1970’s terms/events will be discussed, followed by a quiz.