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Covert CIA Operations


Since our victory in the Second World War and our subsequent propelled status to World Power, our great nation has conducted many clandestine operations in an attempt to grow our nation politically, militarily and economically. Some of these have been successful outreaches while others have simply proven to be vain attempts at control.


Each of the following missions took place either during the Cold War (circa 1947 – 1991) or in the years that followed. Each of you will be assigned a specific mission to research (see projection).

1. Phoenix Program
2. Project Tiger
3. Project Fubelt
4. Project Azorian
5. Project MKUltra
6. Project MKOften
7. Operation Haik
8. Operation Ajax
9. Operation Gold
10. Operation Merlin
11. Operation Gladio
12. Operation CHAOS
13. Operation Success
14. Operation Cyclone
15. Operation Ivy Bells
16. Operation PHEONIX
17. Operation PBHistory
18. Operation Just Cause
19. Operation Barrel Roll
20. Operation Mongoose
21. Operation Allied Force
22. Operation Northwoods
23. Operation Mockingbird
24. Operation Wrath of God
25. Operation Neptune Spear


You will answer each question by searching from a metasearch such as Dogpile or Unabot, or a search engine/directory such as Google or Bing. Be sure to answer each of the following questions in grammatically complete sentences of your own words (i.e. do NOT copy and paste).

1. Explain the purpose of the mission.
2. Describe whether or not the mission was successful by explaining its outcome.


After the initial 20 minutes have passed, several missions will be discussed aloud, as the two questions will be answered in a class discussion, along with the following: “do you think that the undertaking of the mission was essential to growth and continued success of our nation?”