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Jim Crow


YOU’RE LIVING in Smallville, Alabama in 1902. Like other surrounding cities & towns, Smallville has affirmed & entrenched Jim Crow laws into the culture and laws of the town. You have decided to form a task force to end the segregational practices & to begin to unify the south.


As the task force leader, you must first educate yourself about the extent of the laws, and the impact of the laws on the lives of both white and black residents. Use the web link here to answer each in complete sentences; type your answers in Google Docs and when finished, ‘Share’ with me:

1) What Jim Crow laws have been enacted where you live? (summarize all that apply.)

2) Where else is segregation practiced? (name all that apply.)

3) What is the harm or negative affect of these laws on your town? (give at least 3 examples.)

4) How will the elimination of Jim Crow laws impact life in your town? (give 2 positive & 2 negative examples.)

5) Lastly, you are to write a persuasive letter demanding that the state legislature eliminate all of the Jim Crow laws. Your letter must also include a prediction of what will happen if Jim Crow laws are not immediately abandoned (use historical knowledge of race relations in the 20th Century).