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The Cold War



After the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union became increasingly hostile toward one another, leading to an era of confrontation & competition that lasted nearly 50 years. A clash of very different beliefs and ideology – capitalism versus communism – each held with almost religious conviction, formed the basis of an international power struggle with both sides vying for dominance, exploiting every opportunity for expansion anywhere in the world.


You are to discover the post-WWII attempts made by the United States to spread capitalism & democracy, attempts by the Soviet Union to spread communism as well as strategies created and used by the United States to combat Soviet attempts to spread their ideology.


You will define each term and explain its significance in relation to the Cold War in grammatically complete sentences of your own words (i.e. do NOT copy and paste) by searching from a metasearch such as Dogpile or Unabot, or a search engine/directory such as DuckDuckGo, Google or Bing.

  1. The Yalta Conference
  2. The Truman Doctrine
  3. The Marshall Plan
  4. Eastern Bloc Nations
  5. West Germany
  6. East Germany
  7. West Berlin
  8. East Berlin
  9. The “Iron Curtain”
  10. Warsaw Pact
  11. NATO
  12. Containment
  13. Fallout Shelter
  14. Bert The Turtle
  15. Hollywood 10
  16. House of Un-American Activities Committee
  17. McCarthy Hearings
  18. The United Nations
  19. (The United Nations) Security Council
  20. (The United Nations) General Assembly.