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Atomic Bomb


It’s 1945 and the war in Europe has concluded with the surrender of the Nazi’s and the Fascist Italian government, otherwise known as V-E Day. Only the Imperial Japanese government stands in the way of possible world peace.


Your task is to sit in the Oval Office in 1945, alongside or in the chair of President Harry S. Truman.

Now that Germany and Italy have surrendered and the War in Europe is over, Imperial Japan remains the lone obstacle to establishing peace throughout the world.

How will you choose to end the war? Will you choose the quick end or will you choose the invasion route? Will you choose the diplomatic route? Or will you choose to accept Japan’s terms of surrender?

The entire nation awaits your decision.


In groups of 4, you will first determine which role each student will play: the president, the president’s chief military adviser, the president’s chief political advisor and the president’s chief scientific adviser. Using the links provided, each of you will answer the questions for your role before advising the president.

You, the president of the United States, must decide what is ultimately the best decision for the United States and its future, while at the same time taking into account the immediate and long term impact your decision will have upon the U.S., Japan and the world.

Finally, you are to use the information you obtain to write a 5-7 paragraph speech, telling the nation:

  1. what course of action will bring an end to war,
  2. why you have chosen that course of action,
  3. what other choices have been considered and why you choose against those
  4. and lastly the possible consequences of your choice.

You will type your speech in Canvas.