READY, BOWL. In the game against University on Sept. 18, senior Andrew Conley bowls. Conley averages 150 points per game. photo/LINDSAY ALEXANDER


In bowling, there is no sprinting, no rowing and no strength training. However, bowling takes something more than athleticism; it takes skill.

Boys bowling is currently 3-5. They have losses against rivals Timber Creek(2232-2673), University (2306-2647), East River (2530-1858), Colonial (2274-2834) and Freedom (2348-2734)  and wins against Oak Ridge, Lake Highland  and Edgewater.

As seniors with experience Kyle Blow, Justin Kane and Nicholas Glover are held to a higher standard.

Glover is returning for his fourth year and is a leader on the team. In the first match against Timber Creek, Glover bowled a 625 series, averaging 207 pins a game. In the team’s match against Colonial, Glover kept his competitive edge and bowled a 600 series, which he aims to do every game.     “Bowling against East River was really fun. We didn’t let our bowling [score] get to us,” Glover said.

Leadership doesn’t always come with seniority. Other players with potential include junior Nicholas Konowall who has an average of 152 pins per game. Freshmen Paul Perrault who has bowled competitively for four years, has an average of 126 pins per game.

“You have to have perfect form. It’s not easy,” Perrault said.

Despite their losses, they do have frequent strikes and spares.  Matthew Kaiser, sophomore, is working to bowl a 200 every game.

“One word to describe our season would be challenging because it’s had its ups and downs,” Glover said.

The girl’s team is currently 4-4, making five-hundred. In the first match of the season, the team beat Timber Creek for the first time and by 35 pins.

The team is strong with five returning seniors who have all played at least three years: Chloe Allen, Morgan Ascher, Taylor Dudley, Kristen Parker and Cara Shenk. These girls are the key players in their games.

The girls thought they were going to pull through with a win in their match against Colonial, but lost by 82 pins.

First year head  coach  Daniel Tringali hoped to beat the team’s record of three wins last year and succeeded.  He wants to improve on the team’s fundamentals such as making more spares.

“I just really enjoy helping the girls find success when they have struggled in the past with certain shots. I want the girls to make technical adjustments without my help,” Tringali said.

The girls beat Oak Ridge, 1863-1584.  This was a turning point for the team.

“After we won, it was like let’s try to keep winning instead of losing; it was a boost for the team,” Ascher said.

According to Ascher, a weakness is attitude. When the team is upset they bowl poorly, but they stay positive and cheer when someone gets a strike. Despite ups and downs, Tringali says they are improving.

The team’s leader is Ascher,  whose best series is a 424 which she bowled in the match against Oak Ridge. Her goal is to bowl a 200 game average her  current highest is a 162.

“[There’s that moment when] as soon as the ball comes off your hand, it just feels right,” Ascher said.

Both teams have the chance to play rival Timber Creek again on Oct. 13. At this game the boys team will have a chance to redeem themselves and the girls will have the chance to beat  their rival Timber Creek again.

In bowling, there are no touchdowns and no goals, just strikes, spares and a desire to win.

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