The Bowl Championship Series is wrong.  They released their first standings Oct. 17 and already they’ve got it wrong.

The top 10 includes two one-loss teams, one is ahead of an undefeated non-automatic qualifier Utah, that team is Alabama.  The Crimson Tide lost their first game by 14 two weeks ago against 19th ranked South Carolina.  This came a week after thumping number seven Florida.  Alabama should not be ranked ahead of Utah, regardless of conference or strength of schedule, no one-loss team should be ranked ahead of an undefeated team.

Speaking of one-loss teams, the Ohio State Buckeyes sit at number 10.  Ohio State fell to 18th ranked Wisconsin by 13 in Madison but only fell nine spots.  Wisconsin on the other hand, gained only five spots.  That’s ridiculous, beating the number one team in the country, at home, on national TV and they only jumped five spots.  Wisconsin is a top 10 team, yes they lost to Michigan State on the road by 10 but Michigan State is also the number seven team in the country.

When the BCS made the announcement Oct. 17 that the Oklahoma Sooners were the number one team in the land, I was shocked.  If you look at the schedule you’ll see two wins over a ranked team, and those were an annihilation of Florida State and an eight point win over a 3-2 Texas team.  Oklahoma’s first real test was against 11th ranked Missouri on ABC on Oct. 23, which they lost by nine.   And if you check out the new standings, Missouri is three spots ahead of Oklahoma.

Now Oct. 28 there is a new number one team, the Auburn Tigers.  Auburn has defeated three ranked teams all ranked in the top 15.  Auburn leapfrogged Oregon and Boise State after the Sooners fell.  The BCS isn’t 100 percent right yet, but if the top teams keep falling, they may finally get it right.  Boise State is still getting no love despite outscoring opponents 344-94 and defeated two ranked teams including defeating 10th ranked Virginia Tech.

Will there be a new number one after this weekend? Not likely, Auburn plays an under .500 Mississippi team and Oregon plays an up and down Southern California team, both of which are on the road.

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