Lorisse Garcia, Recruiting and Leadership Development Director for the Orlando Magic, holds up one of Dwight Howard's size 18 shoes.

Providing students with real world job education, Teach-In came to campus second period Nov. 17.  Teach-In is designed to be a day when professionals can come into the classroom share give personal insight into their jobs and help students understand the in career.

“[Teach-In is important] because it allows kids to see how things are applicable in the real world.  It is not just a teacher saying ‘this is important.’ It’s someone saying ‘Hey theses are the skills you need;” Renee Burke, organizer, said.

Forty-one professionals, ranging from CSI employees to the homeland security officer for Disney to the director of development and recruiting for the Orlando Magic came to educate students.

“[Someone would want to teach at teach-in] because it is in celebration of American Education Week.  It’s for someone who wants to share what they do and why it’s cool.  Or maybe they had one teacher influence them and they want to be that spark,” Burke said.

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