With her pink skewer, sophomore Kelsey Matteson grabs her meat out of the vegetable broth at the Melting Pot. photo/CALEY BROCK


With fondu pots of cheese and plates of bread, vegetables and apples spread across the table in front of them, members of the French Club impatiently waited to dive in while sponsor Safia Mami explained the history of fondu.

Fondu actually originated with the Swiss.  Tradition says that if a man drops his bread in the cheese, he must buy the woman with him a bottle of wine.  If a girl drops her bread she must kiss the man sitting next to her.

“But don’t actually do this,” Mami said.

The group of about 20 students and 10 adults laughed and went on with their annual dinner, this year held at the Melting Pot.

For $26, students got the cheese course with bread, vegetables and apples; the main course with either vegetable broth or frying oil to cook chicken, beef, shrimp and various vegetables; and chocolate fondu dessert with strawberries, brownies, pound cake, rice crispy treats, marshmallows and cheesecake.

After three hours the meal was complete and students left with a “fleur de lis” key chain as a thank you from Dr. Mami for coming.

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