Every graduating student will walk across the stage in a cap gown ($45); white for females and orange for males. The deadline for ordering these is fast approaching and must be done before Dec. 31, 2010. If one does not order before so, he will be charged a $20 late fee.

According to Sarah Kitrell, Senior Class sponsor, this deadline is necessary to ensure the company produces the same color gowns in the same order since dye lots can change. However, if one cannot afford to purchase a cap and gown, one can receive a donated one from the Kemosobe Closet and Kitrell will purchase the tassel for the appropriate year.

One can order his cap and gown one of two ways: he can order it online at, or he can go to Herff Jones office at 112 N. Wymore Rd., Winter Park, FL 32789. If one has any questions, he can also contact a representative at 407-647-4373.

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