With her debut album Sinner Or a Saint with Interscope Records, 22 year old Tamar Kaprelian shows off her classic rock background  her musician father taught her growing up.

She leads with her single “New Day” about overcoming the negative things in life and turning them into positive  points when she says “Say goodbye, say goodbye to the way I was before. Say hello, say hello to the new way. I was lost, but I found what I was looking for. Waking up, waking up to the new day.”

This break through artist is a self-taught pianist and has been writing music since the age of 14. She  found her true love for music  when she discovered Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.

One of her inspirations are Sara Bareilles which shows in “Delicate Soul”. Her upbeat tempo and dark lyrics resembles much of Bareillas.

Kaprelian sounds all saint and not at all a sinner with her good girl persona and her happy welcoming music. She dedicated her album to her grandfather, Girair Kaprelian who she calls her hero.

Kaprelian is now on tour with Far East Movement and has just got back from a run in Europe and China. She is doing multiple radio shows for the holidays till the 18th.

Overall, Tamar Kaprelian’s Sinner or a Saint mirrors her charming self. One can find her album on itunes and are in stores now ($10.39, target). Visit her website

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