Standardized Assessment Tests and American College Testing can seem like insurmountable feats to the unprepared student.  Questions about studying, prep-books, tutors and classes for the SAT and ACT and even distinguishing between the two often arise when preparing for the tests.

Colleges often use SAT and ACT scores along with one’s high school GPA, extracurriculars and other factors to determine admission.  Not all colleges use the same scores so one should prepare to take both the SAT and ACT tests.

This guide should help students in the struggle over these exams.

Companies provide tutors and classes

With companies like Princeton Review and Kaplan charging in the thousands for Standardized Assessment Test and American College Testing tutors and up to $500 for group classes, many wonder if the cost is worth it.  Since SAT and ACT preparation group classes often have more then 20, teachers may not be able to spend enough time focusing on a student’s individual problems. Additionally, students may be too nervous to ask about basic principles within that group setting.  Still, Kaplan and Princeton guarantee score improvements for both their tutoring and group sessions.

While SAT and ACT preparation companies provide face to face services, they also provide high quality study books, often equipped with practice tests and test taking tips, alongside lessons.  Prices of study books usually range from $15-30.

For those looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive curriculum and SAT tutoring from national companies, Wise Owl tutoring at offers one-on-one classes, based in Winter Park, for $40 a session which lasts an hour.

“I definitely prefer one on one [sessions] to group classes.  I learn better that way, it’s a personal preference.  We went over each question I got wrong which I wouldn’t be able to do in a group.  By focusing on my individual problems, I improved,” senior and Wise Owl user Emily Oswald said.

Princeton Review

•  four full length practice tests

•  In-depth test-taking strategies and approaches

•  commonly used vocabulary


•  Two comprehensive critical reading tests

•  Glossary of frequently used words

upcoming testing dates

*Jan. 22-SAT

*February 12- ACT

*March 12- SAT

*April 9- ACT

*May 7- SAT

June 12- ACT

June 4- SAT

*days eligible for senior Bright Future plans

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