The SGA officers load the cans from the holiday food drive into their cars.


On Dec. 9, 22 students weighed down by bags of cans wandered through the hallways collecting food for Student Government Association’s canned food drive.  For the week leading up to the collection, a committee of 11 students collected cans everyday after school from participating teachers and clubs.  The cans collected were given to WESH 2 Share Your Christmas.

“I feel really good about [the collection].  I’m just really happy about the involvement and participation of the students, and that we raised more cans this year than any other year,” secretary Anna Gentry said.

SGA and the student body collected a total of 4,103.86 pounds of cans; this is 500 more pounds than last year.  WESH 2 expected all cans delivered by Dec. 10 where they were distributed to the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Salvation Army.

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